Business Support Contract

Plan Service Rates

We believe that what makes us different is our ability to adapt to your way of doing business, creating a custom plan that not only meets your daily needs but helps you excel at what you do best.
The goal of our daily support services is to keep your operation running smoothly and efficiently. Our goal is to be the dependable and reliable support organization that your staff depends on for quality and timely support.

Condense IT

Monthly Contracts BronzeIT Lite BronzeIT SilverIT GoldIT
Monthly Hours on-site 2 4 8 16
Monthly Remote Hours 3 6 12 20
Monthly Package Price $469 $916 $1792 $3112

Spread IT

Quarterly Contracts BronzeIT Lite BronzeIT SilverIT GoldIT GoldIT Plus
Quarterly Hours On-site 2 4 6 8 10
Quarterly Remote Hours 4 8 12 16 20
Monthly Package Price $186 $366 $536 $699 $840

Block IT

Time Chunk Contracts 12hours 16hours 24hours 32hours 40hours
Hours On-site
Remote Hours
Monthly Package Price $1248 $1044 $1600 $1376 $2352 $2016 $2944 $2624 $3600 $3200

Customize IT

Contracts suited to YOU!
Please call us or email to get full details of all the service rates for companies.