Double Down on Password Protection

Stolen password, facts of life
Stolen passwords, do happen – there are ways to still protect yourself.

For those of you tired of or worried about having your social media accounts hacked into a number of sites now have something called “two step authentication” in place.  Basically this provides a second layer of protection if someone tries to login to your social media account from a different computer or device.

Basically what this sets up is a special code that is sent to you when your username and password logs in from a different computer or device.  This insures that even if someone does get your username and password, they will need to enter a code sent to your phone or e-mail prior to being able to log in.

Several sites already offer this type of protection and look for other sites to add this soon as well.  Generally, you will find this on the security settings of your online account.

Here are some general directions, for setting this up on the most popular sites, your favorite website or social media may also have something similar in place.

– On Facebook, go to the Settings screen, then the Security page and then look for something called Login Approvals.

– On Twitter, go to the Security and Privacy page, look for Login Verification

– For Gmail and Google, go to the Google Account Page – click on Security and then 2-step Verification

– On Dropbox go to Settings then  Security then 2-step verification