How to change your Windows 10 default apps

Windows 10 logo

Do you ever click on a link in an email and it will opens in the Edge browser, when you would much rather have it open in Chrome or when you click on a websites contact email address and it opens in a different program then Outlook? This is because Windows 10 sets default apps to do these tasks out of the box. In this quick tutorial you will learn how to switch your default apps so your Windows 10 PC acts the way you want it to and not how Microsoft wants it to.

Step 1.

Click on the Windows icon in the left hand corner of your screen. This will open up the start menu:

Step 2:

Click the settings tab or the cog icon

Step 2 windows setting icon

Step 3

Select System option

Step 3 default app select system

Step 4 

Type default app into search bar and select “Default Apps” in the dropdown

step 4 default app search and select

Step 5

First, select the default app you would like to change. This will bring a drop down in which you should select the preferred program or app you would like to be your default app. Once you select your default app your PC will reset any files that are related to open with that app. Example: If you change your “Photo Viewer” to open with Photoshop, it will change all photos to open with that application.

Step 5 default app select app to change and what to change it too

Notice when it is finished all the small icons change to the program you select:

Finished and icons have switched