How to save a Word document as a PDF

It is good practice to have a copy of a document saved in both the .doc format and the .pdf format.  Both document types have multiple uses, some better than the other. PDF formats can be viewed by everyone, whereas a Word doc needs Office or Google Docs to view. PDF’s also allows combining multiple formats such as images, Excel documents, vector graphics and much more into a single PDF page. Word documents, on the other hand, are valuable for extracting images from a document, word processing with benefits such as grammar and spell-checking, and editing.

A good strategy is to keep the Word format for editing and making changes of your document, and then converting or saving the document in PDF format when you are ready to share with others.  In this how-to, we will show you a way to save a Word document in a PDF format.

By clicking the Save or Save as tab

Once your current document has been created and you are ready to save click the File tab in the top left corner

How To Save A PDF step 1

2. Click the Save (if new document) or Save As icon

How to Save a PDF step 2

3. Then the location on your PC where you would like your document saved

How to save PDF step 3

4. Within the Save As Pop Up select the Save As Type dropdown and select PDF

How To Save pdf Step 4

5. Click Save

How to Save PDF Step 5

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