How To Turn Your Google Extensions off or Remove them.

Just what is a Google Extension?

Extensions are small software applications used for customizing your browsing experience. An extension helps you set up the Chrome browsers functions to your individual browsing habits. Whether it be a password management application, antivirus applications, Adobe Acrobat reader, a social media share button, or in my case tools for web design and development. They are built on web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Now some Google extensions could very well mess with some of your browsing experience. Some users will add a popup blocker or an antivirus extension, this could cause your browser to not allow permissions to certain services such as Google Analytics. These extensions could also slow down the performance of your browser, and some of these extensions could be malicious and dangerous. They could steal your data as many extensions have the ability to collect data about its user. Remember many extensions within the Chrome web store are not as secure as they appear. Google uses only automated scans on the extensions uploaded to their stores, leaving room for some forms of invasive and malicious functions. So be very careful when adding an extension to your browser.

If you expect one of your extensions is causing your browser issues or could be dangerous, listed below are steps to remove or disable that extension.

First, locate your extension toolbar:

google extension tool bar


2. click the dropdown button:

Google dropdown button

3. Select More tools –> Extensions

chrome dropdown


4. Click remove button to remove, or the blue slide button to disable or turn off.

Extension page