Search Optimization

What sets many search engine optimization programs apart is the willingness of the SEO or company doing the optimization to monitor and tweak your site’s position. We have found that many of our clients benefit greatly from a “second pass” at the pages on the site. The simple truth about search engine optimization is that it is in many ways an art rather than a science. There is no simple consistent formula for getting a website ranked well and what works well on a site for an equipment manufacturer is not necessarily going to work well for a toy manufacturer. Ongoing monitoring and tweaking of the site ensure that sites rank well for not only the intended keywords but also the keywords that are used by everyday visitors on the Internet. An additional benefit of some later tweaking of the site is that search engines sense the “freshness” of the content, another consideration in how well a site ranks.

We monitor the search engine position of many of our clients with our SiteStats™ analytics product. SiteStats allows us to look at the actual keywords being used by live searchers on the Internet who come to the website. We then compare these sets of keywords and key phrases used by searchers coming to the site with services that monitor searches on the entire Internet. We often find a more specific keyword or keyphrase that not only provides the website owner with better-qualified visitors but also provides the searcher with more relevant results.

For example, lets say that we work on a project where the target keywords or phrases for the site include the phrase “trailers for sale“. We optimize the site for this phrase and the site does well and ranks in the top 30 or so in search engine results. However, we realize that there are lots of different kinds of trailers for sale, there are many different types of trailers available – everything from house trailers to movie trailers. The site receives lots of hits, but not necessarily visitors that are interested in these clients products. In this case, we review the products being sold on the site, research some additional descriptive words for the site and with some minor tweaking of the page gets us to a keyword phrase “flatbed trailers for sale“. Not only does the website get more qualified visitors, but searchers, in turn, find what they are looking for in a trailer!

When we propose a search engine optimization project to our customers we always include a full year of support with the project. Even though actual modification and submission of the site may be done in just a few weeks, ongoing support has us periodically updating and tuning the site so that it gains additional search engine visitors. This tweaking of the site’s pages is generally minor but can go along way in turning so-so SEO results into fantastic SEO results.

Nearly all of our search engine optimization projects are priced on a “per project” basis. This allows us to assign costs for the project based on several different criteria:

  • The complexity of the site
  • The competition that site has
  • The technology the site consists of
  • The size of the website
  • The parameters or requirements of the site owner

As a general rule of thumb, and when pressed for a figure our SEO hourly rates are as follows:

$125.00 per hour for optimization consulting and analysis

Our project rates vary, in many cases, our project rates can fluctuate wildly and in some cases go as low as $45.00 per hour, a rate which is comparable to many freelance web designers. We base the project’s rate on the criteria mentioned above. In a project rate situation, we ask the site owner to commit to a minimum number of hours to optimize the site, we provide an educated estimate on the number of hours to complete the project and we quote a rate for hours beyond that effort. Project costs include labor + submission costs + optional marketing efforts we believe may benefit your site. All project-based rates require the site owner enter into an SEO Contract with The BitWorks Inc.

All of our search engine optimization projects renew on a yearly basis when we provide a project quote we also provide a figure which represents the current yearly ongoing costs for maintaining search engine position and tracking the performance of the site. Our contracts specify that ongoing renewal is automatic, site owners may opt out of renewal with specific instructions in writing.