What are some major security threats that my machine or device are vulnerable to?

Did you know that close to 50% of PC users have experienced computer security issues in the last 2 years? The internet is home to billions of users around the world, meaning billions of users have had security issues on their PC. Most people lock their vehicle, house, etc. to protect their possessions and valuables. So why shouldn’t you have a “lock” in place for your online “valuables” ? Now lets explain just which threats are around the corner looking for your information and data. Remember The Bitworks offers ESET online security, call us today for pricing and more information.


Also known as malicious software, Malware can be defined as unwanted software installed without the user’s consent. Viruses, worms, and Trojan horses are some of the examples of malicious software that can be referred to as malware.

Desktop Computer Malware Found


Criminals known as black hat hackers use viciuos programs on a computer and the web to commit criminal activity online. Examples of unauthorized cyber activities can range from hacking into computers, stealing personal or corporate data, disrupting company or government operations, and so much more.

Cyber Criminal

Trojan Horse

This malicous computer program disguises itself as a harmless file such as a picture or document. The file then opens up access into your PC without your knowledge.

Trojan Horse


This unique threat is defined as a collection of compromised computers. We all have heard the term “bot”, if you haven’t, a bot is malicious software enabling criminals and hackers to control a computer without the users knowledge to participate in illegal online activities such as spamming, spreading viruses, etc.



One of the most common, and well-known online computer threat. A virus is a harmful program designed to spread from computer to computer. These programs travel through networks of computers corrupting or deleting data destroying the computers hardware.

Computer virus face


A self-cloning malicious program that will use computer networks to send duplicates of itself to other computers on the throughout the same networks. Different from a virus, a worm does not need to attach it self to existing programs. Worms pretty much ALWAYS cause some damage to network.

Malicious Worm


This threat can be disguised as legitimate software used to collect and follow a user’s personal information and data. Its existence will pretty much be hidden from the user, and normally is especially difficult to detect.



Online Identity Theft. This type of threat will use your email and forms of fraudulent websites designed to steal personal information, as in credit card numbers, personal passwords, account data, and pretty much any info they can get their hands on.

Online Phishing

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