Remote Support Process

Welcome to The Bitworks Remote support. We allow for remote support during business hours Monday 8:30AM – 5PM. You are welcomed to start a session before our shop opens but must wait until the shop opens and a technician can take your session and assist you. Listed below is the process for setting up a remote session on your computer if you are having issues connecting please follow the following instructions:

Step 1

When you click the remote support button you will be brought to the Screenconnect Welcome page. Click Start a new session.

Click Start a New Session ->

Step 2

A pop up will appear. Enter your name and click Start Session

Add your name to start session dialog

Step 3

A window will come up and ask you to save the connectwise client. Click Save

Save As dialog for connectwise installer

Step 4

Once the installer is saved it will download and appear in the lower left hand corner. If you cannot find it or if using Mozilla Firefox, hit ctrl + J.  Your computer may ask for consent, click yes, and then click the run button. The technician may now go onto your machine. join session download in left corner